How To Cope With A Small Bedroom Space

Small bedrooms are not the end of the world and with some clever, simple tricks and purchases, that room will look great.

First things first, have a clear out. Grab a charity bag and fill it with all the clothes that you haven’t worn for the last twelve months, there’s no room for sentimentality. Go through all your books, CDs, DVDs as well. If you think your possessions are ‘too good’ to give away, then try to sell them via eBay or Gumtree. Be ruthless, you don’t have the space to be anything but!

Another tip is to swap big, bulky, wall-smothering curtains for compact wooden blinds. These are fitted within the window frame and allow maximum natural light into the room. They look much sleeker, too.

When it comes to decoration, use lighter colours and keep it simple, with white for the ceiling. The busier and darker the walls, the smaller the room will feel. If you can’t stand such a plain environment, then pick one focal point – a picture or a big vase – to draw the attention away from your space issues. Tony Diaz explains from TLC about the benefits of spicing up decorations via the best couch and loveseat set pieces online.


Buy a bed that fits, doesn’t swamp, the room and ensure it has storage drawers in the base unit. A huge bed will make the room feel tiny, however, if you keep furniture to a minimum, it can still look roomy. Go for height, not width when it comes to chests of drawers. Do you need two bedside tables or will one do? Be sparing with what you buy.

Keep clutter to an absolute minimum to create an airy atmosphere. The more items you have out on display, the more claustrophobic the room will seem. Besides, after than clear out, you shouldn’t have much clutter left!

Here’s a neat trick: move things off-centre. Your bed does not have to be square in a room, nor does the dressing table or chest. By shifting items slightly off-centre, it can create the illusion of more space in seconds.

Don’t skimp on luxuries. Just because your room is small, it should still be safe and relaxing sanctuary in which you come to unwind. Buy decadent duvets, cushions and pretty lamps. As one expert advises, add interest with texture.

These are just a few ideas but they really do work.