3 Unknown Great Painters

Though there are many blessed artists,
illustrators and painters who are renowned for their styles, recent trend in this
art form shows a gradual move towards realistic art. Below are the three greatest
painters who gathered attention with realistic paintings and drawings – learn how to buy wall paint online.


Marcello is an Italian painter, born in 1969, whose talent was evident
since he was 18 months old. At that , he scribbled on a on a paper and what
came out was a three dimensional plane which his parents still keep as a
valuable one.

Soon he got addicted to the world of pencils and papers and his drawings were mainly his
favourite cartoon characters. Later he found colour pencils and at the age of
11 he won a TV show by drawing the caricature of a famous Italian footballer.
Nobody believed it was drawn by an 11 year old kid.

When grown up he attended the Art School “Boccioni” in Milan. There he learned different
tools and techniques of painting.By 1990’s computer graphics started marking
the end of traditional illustration art. Disappointed Marcello decided to quit
drawing. He didn’t touch the pencil for as long as 20
years. But later when he watched a video of a drawing in YouTube he understood
the possibilities of illustration and returned to his old passion. Today, he is one among the best 3D pencil
sketchers in the world and his pictures are so realistic.

Akiane Kramarik

Akiane is an American painter and poet whose who
was very talented from her very young age. The great support given by her
mother helped her to reach where she is today, despite having a rough childhood.

In the early days, her hard work was not noticed much. Even during those hard days her
mother was her greatest admirer. Finally she understood that drawing and painting was her cup of tea.

Her art works gained huge attention in the recent past. Her fan base increased and her art works
got featured in several media channels including Oprah Winfrey Show, Good
Morning America, and Fox News etc. Numerous galleries and mansions exhibited
her works all around the world.

Paul Cadden

Paul Cadden is a Scottish hyperrealistic (hyperrealist) artist. Paul is one of the most notable artists out there
who appreciates the beauty of small things that exists around us.

Though his work is usually inspired by photographs or videos, he tries to view them in a
different perspective. He tries to twist the way others see the images by
making them live and realistic.






His policy is
“Intensifying the Normal”; through this hyper realistic art he became popular.
His paintings combine some unrealistic images to produce ones which are strange
yet real.